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Polyethylene Foam is a strong, durable and resilient closed-cell foam. The material starts off as a thermoplastic which is, afterwards, blown into a foam format. Polyethylene foam offers a high compression rate which enables it to maintain its resilience under recurrent impact. It is highly durable and versatile as well. This product’s incredible adaptability allows it to be used in nearly every situation. The fact that polyethylene foam can be recycled, melted down, and reshaped is one of its intriguing qualities.

There are several applications of Polyethylene Foam, and it is applicable in the following products:

Polyethlyene Foam Sheet

Polyethylene foam sheet is a lightweight, non-breakable and flexible sheet. It is a closed cell foam that provides gentle cushioning/padding support. It is commonly used in packaging for impact and shock absorption, vibration dampening and surface protection. This sheet fits perfectly for industrial use and it is resistant to mould, rot and bacteria

Door Sweep

Door Sweep is an essential home-keeping item. It is waterproofed, odourless and super durable. Our polyethylene foam door sweep seals gaps between the bottom of the door and the threshold. It protects against moisture, dust and insects, and also prevents dirt, and pests of all varieties from collecting underneath your door, or entering your room.

Poly Rod

Polyethylene foam rod can be used in various building and construction projects. It is mostly used for filling gaps or joints where materials come together. This foam is used to fill the void spaces which is then coated with sealant to create a watertight and airtight seal. One of the most important applications of polyethylene foam rod is that it controls the sealant depth, insulates the underside of the sealant, and allows proper tooling and wetting of joint surfaces. Using polyethylene foam rod in construction projects speeds up curing times and allows the building materials to flex, move and bend in response to environmental factors. Polyethylene foam rod applications include: Glazing Operations - Window and Door Applications - Expansion Joints - Log Construction - Partitions - Pavement Joints


Polyethylene Foam Seat Pad

Polyethylene foam is used as a seat pad and back seat pad for all categories of chairs. It provides a firm and excellent cushioning effect that is unmatched by substitute materials. It provides a firm cushioning effect for chairs such as events, auditorium and office chairs, and it is super durable/efficient.

Safety Life Jackets

Polyethylene foam is used in the production of safety life jackets. These safety life jackets are essential for proper protection in water because they keep one afloat. They are perfect for all water activities/involvements such as water rescue, beach holiday, and river tracing Why life jacket is important: - It allows the person wearing it to swim for a short distance and board a rescue boat. - It raises the head of an exhausted/unconscious person by at least 120 mm from the water with the body tilted back at an angle of at least 20 ° from the vertical position.


Lunch Boxes Production

i. Polyethylene foam is used as lining to insulate the inner surface area of lunch boxes to maintain the temperature of meals. i. Foiled Surface Polyethylene foam foiled surface sheets are used by bag makers to insulate the inner surface areas of lunch boxes to maintain the temperature of meals. This is an ideal product for bag manufacturers who would want to produce products that are efficient, durable/long lasting, and worth buying.


Machine Sound Muffling

Polyethylene foam helps in the reduction of impact noise, and absorbs sounds and echoes within a controlled space. Polyethylene foam for machine dampening is a great choice for sound muffling in industries due to its durability, effectiveness and affordability. Known for its dampening of impact noise, and absorption of sounds that would otherwise reverberate and echo within a contained space, polyethylene foam for machine dampening is the best choice for sound muffling for industries.


Lining for Backpacks

Polyethylene foam sheet is used as lining in backpacks. It serves as rain proof, and also helps in preventing delicate items such as laptops from getting damaged during movement from one place to another. Polyethylene foam sheet is a great choice in the production of bags due to its durability and resistance to water.

Ribbed Slab Construction

Used in the construction and building of concrete floors, polyethylene foam panel for ribbed slab construction is lightweight (reduces the weight of concrete), and economical. Its durability is first-rate and most preferred compared to solid slab.


Furniture: Protective Packaging

Polyethylene foam is used as protective packaging for furniture. It prevents dust and moisture from damaging the products during transportation. This foam is the perfect protection for items that may be stored for a long time. The polyethylene foam furniture covers are super easy to apply, and interestingly, they help in keeping the furniture clean until it arrives at its destination.


Floor Underlay in Wooden Tiling

Polyethylene foam sheet, being the most desirable choice for floor underlay in wooden tiling, is efficient, super-durable, eco-friendly and price-friendly. Here are some of its benefits: 1. It is used as soundproofing. That is, it minimises the sound of echoes and footsteps. 2. It helps in hiding imperfections on the floor. 3. It provides cushioning underfoot. 4. It is used as padding under carpets and wooden floors. 5. It helps to keep a home warm. Property developers/construction companies Who are not conversant with the use of polyethylene foam sheet for wooden tiling should seize this opportunity to deliver the best result. Our polyethylene foam sheet is second to none when it comes to flooring underlay.


Mattress Application

Did you know that polyethylene foam is applied to a mattress? Absolutely! There's an application of polyethylene foam in the mattress; It is the product that is sewed with the tape edge of all mattress to provide corner support.